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Moringa herbal concentrate tincture 50ml

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Moringa herbal tincture- Superfood for more vitality at any age!

Category: Herbal extracts and tinctures

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Moringa- Herbal tincture- Superfood for more vitality at any age

"Vital-Aktiv" by Herba Sale is a highly concentrated alcohol extract from the leaves of the Moringa tree. Moringa, often called the "tree of immortality", has been known as a medicinal plant for thousands of years. All over the world, alternative practitioners and physicians appreciate the versatility and efficiency of Moringa. Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, the leaves of this unique plant are a valuable food supplement. The preparation strengthens the immune system, is important for cell health, has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the musculoskeletal system.

In short, Moringa helps to increase vitality into old age. Our tincture is a product in high-quality organic quality from organic cultivation and is therefore ideal for a healthy diet.

Scope of delivery: 1 x 50 ml Moringa tincture concentrate (26% vol. ).

Recommended dosage: Take 20 drops 3 times daily with plenty of water.

Ingredients: Organic alcohol, Moringa leaves (Moringa oleifera Lam.).

Moringa oleifera- botanical information The most nutritionally valuable species Moringa oleifera, belongs together with 12 other species of Moringa plants to the family Bennussgewächse (Moringaceae) and to the plant order Kreuzblüterartige (Brassicales).

The up to 8 tall, deciduous tree is characterized by its succulent, i.e. water-storing trunk with a predominantly light bark. The moringa tree is a typical inhabitant of hot and dry areas with low rainfall. Characteristic is the extremely fast growth of up to 30 centimetres per month, which is due to the presence of the growth hormone zeanine.

The feathered, small leaves are alternately arranged. The fruits are up to 90 centimetres long, woody pods, each of which contains several seeds, the so-called Behennüsse.

The moringa tree originates from the Himalayas, but is now widespread in the tropics and subtropics. Moringa is also cultivated in the Canary Islands, where most of the Moringa preparations available on the European market come from.

A medicinal plant with thousands of years of history In naturopathy Moringa has always been regarded as a potent medicinal plant. In Ayurveda, the oldest medical tradition in the world, Moringa oleifera is used in the prevention and treatment of about 300 diseases.

Among other things, this plant is said to help:
  • Eye disease
  • Age weakness
  • Flatulence and other gastrointestinal problems
  • Colds and bronchitis
  • Loss of memory
  • Liver diseases
  • Neuroses and depressive states
  • Rheumatism; Benign and malignant tumours
  • Malnutrition help.

Last but not least, Moringa is recommended during convalescence in order to recover quickly.

However, it is by far not only the Ayurvedic teachings, but also the experience of naturopaths and therapists all over the world that speaks for Moringa. A special feature of this medicinal plant is, by the way, that besides the leaves all other parts are used in folk medicine.

Versatile helper and a delicious food The healing effect of the moringa leaves is further discussed below. What other parts of the plant are used by alternative practitioners and even cooks?

The succulent roots, just like the stem, contain a high amount of mustard oil, which is why their scent is reminiscent of horseradish. It is no coincidence that the roots are often used in national cuisine as a substitute for radish, and the moringabau is also often called the "horseradish tree".

The bees turn the Moringa nectar into a spicy, delicious honey; A tasty vegetable oil, the behenöl, can be pressed from the Behennüsse, the seeds of the Moringa tree. The oil contains high amounts of healthy, polyunsaturated fatty acids and is excellent as a frying oil, as its boiling point is 220°C. The oil can be used as a frying oil.

The Behennüsse are also known for their antibacterial effect and are used for drinking water purification. Furthermore, the intake of moringa seeds should help against tapeworms and other parasites.

Moringa tree bark is an effective remedy against toothache and an appetizer.

The leaves and bark can also be used to make a plant spray that accelerates the growth of the plants.

Moringa leaves - high bioavailability of vital substances The leaves of this plant owe their healing effect to a multitude of natural plant substances, above all: Polyphenol Epicatechin, also contained in cocoa beans. According to recent studies, this substance not only has a positive effect on long-term memory, but also plays an important role in the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.

Chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant and therefore indispensable for cell health;
Flavonoid rutin that synthesizes the plant to protect against UV radiation. This substance is contained in several antihemorrhagic agents and in preparations for the treatment of venous diseases.
Quercetin flavonoid which, according to the latest scientific findings, has both an anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant effect on the body.
Flavonoid Kämpferol, which on the one hand has an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect and on the other hand is said to be helpful in combating degenerated body cells and in the successful treatment of osteoporosis.
Plant dyes Anthocyane, known for its strong antioxidant effect.


Furthermore, Moringa leaves are rich in minerals, among them:

Calcium. Moringa contains twice as much calcium as cow's milk, and the mineral is quickly bioavailable and easy to absorb. Among other things, Moringa preparations are a valuable alternative source of calcium for all vegans. Calcium is not only relevant for bone health, but also for the entire musculoskeletal system. One portion of the tincture already provides more than 20% of the recommended daily dose of calcium.

Magnesium. The light metal is indispensable for the human body. It plays an important messenger role in the immune system, is necessary for a healthy muscle function and for the nervous system. A magnesium level that is too low causes, among other things, fatigue, severe cardiac arrhythmia and depression. A daily dose of the herbal bitter tincture from Moringa leaves already provides about 10% of the daily required amount of magnesium.

Potassium. This metal regulates cell growth, optimises blood pressure and is not least relevant for the acid-base balance. With the daily intake of Moringa extract, the organism covers about 7% of its daily requirement of this vital mineral.


Moringa leaves contain a number of vitamins, primarily the following:

Vitamin A Up to one third of the daily requirement of this vital substance is covered by the recommended dose of only 1 ml. The vital vitamin, which is either ingested directly with food or synthesized by the body from its precursors, the carotenes, is vital in many respects. Vitamin A actively participates in protein synthesis, is essential for cell growth and healthy tissue, for the nervous system and for fertility.

Vitamin B2, riboflavin. Moringa is an excellent source of this vital substance, because about 40 drops of tincture provide 130% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin. Riboflavin, known as a growth vitamin, is involved in several processes in the organism. Pregnant women and nursing mothers have a particularly high need for this vital substance. If the riboflavin level is too low, such deficiency symptoms as scaly skin, anaemia or, for example, cheilosis (painful lip inflammation) threaten. For vegans all Moringa preparations are highly interesting also regarding the Vitamin B2, because this vital material is contained predominantly in animal products such as milk and liver.

Vitamin E Up to 70% of the daily dose of this important substance is supplied by 1 ml of the Vital Active tincture. An interesting and useful information for all, which nourish themselves consciously: The vital vitamin E is otherwise mainly found in fatty foods such as nuts or oils. Vitamin E is one of the strongest antioxidants and also increases fertility.

Important note: Please note our dosage recommendations, whereby a slight overdose usually does not cause any side effects. However, it is strongly advised not to overdose too much.

Moringa tincture - fit and vital through life
The herbal bitter tincture "Vital-Aktiv" is a versatile dietary supplement that benefits people of all ages. Moringa supports the immune system and thus stands in the way of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Therefore, this preparation is recommended to all people with immune deficiency, including those in the convalescence phase.

Moringa tincture also provides the organism with several vital vitamins and minerals. Those who strive for a balanced diet benefit from this dietary supplement.

Not least because of its strong antioxidant effect, Moringa promotes the growth of healthy cells and at the same time the apoptosis of degenerate cells.

Furthermore, Moringa preparations have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and are even suitable for the prophylaxis of oncological diseases, as these are demonstrably related to internal inflammatory processes.

Moringa also increases reproductive ability and is also recommended for breastfeeding mothers as it is known to improve the quality of breast milk.

Seniors can improve their quality of life thanks to the Morgina preparation. People aged 50 and over often suffer from deficiency symptoms unnoticed. The reason: with age, the body's ability to absorb vital substances decreases. This is why seniors usually need ? and contrary to popular opinion! ? an increased supply of vitamins and minerals. With Moringat tincture it is not a problem.

Vegan living humans are likewise dependent on Moringale leaves as a healthy vegetable source of several vital materials.

Thus the taking of Moringatinktur Vital-Aktiv is to be recommended to all, which are interested in active health precaution as well as the own body in the fight against an insidious illness to support want comprehensively.

Food supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The products should be stored out of the reach of children. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

The best-before date and lot number can be found in the product packaging.

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