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A 12-day parasite on the proven concept of Hulda Clark herbs. With additional support for the purging of toxins by the alga chlorella.

2x 100 ml colon active tincture
1x 200g bio chlorella tablets

Category: Parasite Cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark

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Colon active

Gentle intensive treatment against parasites

This intensive treatment helps to effectively rid the gastrointestinal tract from harmful roommates . The parasite treatment package based on the famous parasite according to Dr. Hulda Clark . This treatment has been optimized and simplified by the research team of Herba Sale. The parasite treatment package consists of the effective colon active tincture , which is supported and reinforced by chlorella .

Many people are not aware that parasites are ubiquitous. According to the estimate of the scientists every second person in Europe is infected with one or more parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, toxoplasma or amoebae.
In the yeast Candida albicans , experts estimate even with 75% of those infected .

The infection occurs mostly unnoticed. Only after some time, show the first unpleasant symptoms such as bloating , diarrhea, and general malaise .

A parasite cleanse helps to get rid of these pests before a disease has broken out. Use of Parasite Treatment package many of the unwanted roommate can be destroyed and discharged with the stool.

The effective and gentle parasite cleanse is a natural plant-based product.
Black Walnut ( Juglans nigra) contains highly effective ingredients that are traditionally used against different pests. Cloves ( Syzygium ) are known from time immemorial as a reliable antibacterial agent. Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) helps to combat different types of worms . In addition, Wormwood is an effective remedy for stomach ailments and in particular against the bloating.

Chlorella algae act supportively and help the body to detoxify fast and clean inside . In addition, these algae are an important source of vitamins (B , C, and E) , minerals such as iron and magnesium and also of vital proteins.

Parasite Treatment package of Herba Sale is a natural product that works very gently . All ingredients are strictly controlled organically grown and prepared according to the recipe of Herba sale by a certified company based in Germany .

In the application it is very important to follow the instructions and the dosage recommendation !

The treatment package is a great way to finally kill the parasites. Thanks to this treatment the intestinal flora is revitalized and normalizes digestion . Healthy gastrointestinal tract represents a new way of life , balanced mood and more strength to cope with life tasks successfully .

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x 100 ml Colon active tincture

  • black walnut
  • clove
  • vermouth
  • Bio - Alcohol 39.8 % vol .

All herbs used are from organic farming .

A parasite cleanse detox should go any further ahead!

After this treatment , it is strongly recommended the tincture once a week, starting on day 19 , with 2x 10 ml to repeat every week to prevent a new infection.

Recommended dosage for adults:

Day 1-2: 2,5ml ? 2 x daily
Day 3-4: 5ml - 2 x daily
Day 5-12: 10ml ? 2 x daily

Drop preferably on an empty stomach, at least . 40 minutes before meals or 2 hours after that.

In addition, 3x daily 10 Organic Chlorella tablets.

Taking the tablets can be integrated in any daily routine .

Recommended use of the tincture for kids, dogs and cats :

Weight Day 1 - 2 Day 3 - 4 Day 5 - 12

5 kg each 2x 2 drops each 4x 4 drops each 2x 10 drops
10 kg each 2x 5 drops each 2x 10 drops each 2x 20 drops
15 kg each 2x 10 drops each 2x 20 drops each 2x 40 drops
20 kg each 2x 20 drops each 2x 40 drops each 2x 60 drops
25 kg each 2x 30 drops each 2x 50 drops each 2x 80 drops
30 kg each 2x 40 drops each 2x 60 drops each 2x 90 drops
35 kg each 2x 50 drops each 2x 70 drops each 2x 100 drops
40 kg each 2x 60 drops each 2x 80 drops each 2x 110 drops
45 kg each 2x 60 drops each 2x 90 drops each 2x 120 drops
50 kg each 2x 60 drops each 2x 90 drops each 2x 130 drops
55 kg each 2x 60 drops each 2x 90 drops each 2x 140 drops
60 kg each 2x 60 drops each 2x 90 drops each 2x 150 drops

then as adults

Warning !!! DO NOT use for horses !!! Black walnut is highly toxic to horses!

Food supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The products should be stored out of the reach of children. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. The best-before date and lot number can be found in the product packaging.

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