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Cardiovascular System

Since time immemorial, the heart is considered the warm center of a human, as the seat of his soul and fountainhead of his health. In fact, the health depends primarily on the state of the cardiovascular system. No one will feel reasonably well, if his heart is not in order. Unfortunately different cardiovascular diseases are now on rise, even more so, they are still responsible for most deaths from cancer. Why is this so and what can you do to strengthen your cardiovascular system sustainable?

Why is the heart sick?

There are quite different factors that favor the massive spread of cardiovascular diseases. Not least, the unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for many heart problems. Pressure, stress situations in work and family life, and sleep and lack of exercise - that's just a group of risk factors. Secondly, there are excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, which is extremely negative impact on the state of the cardiovascular system. The third factor is an unbalanced diet with a high proportion of animal products and sugar and too little fruit and vegetables. The fourth factor is the overall impact on the environment with toxic substances.

Heart disease - it threatens many dangers

Unfortunately there is no harmless cardiovascular disorders, because, left untreated, they threaten to become a mortal danger. Ranging from the mild cardiac arrhythmia on the tachycardia to heart failure - the list of dangerous heart disease is quite long. Many of these diseases occur in a chronic form, even the heart attack, in which a part dies from heart tissue remains not always noticed by an interested party. But for all of these diseases invariably applies: With the heart is not to be trifled with, even the seemingly slight disturbance must be taken seriously. The easiest way is, of course, instead of a disease to treat, make provisions and try that it does not lead to disease.

Preparations of Herba Sale help the heart

For the successful prevention of all cardiovascular diseases primarily the change in lifestyle and nutrition. More exercise and a balanced possible daily routine can do wonders. As a support to recommend some effective natural supplements.

Ginkgo Biloba, a contemporary of the dinosaurs is smelling in bioflavonoids and Terpenlactonen, thin the blood easily and thus can be used successfully against the circulatory disorders. In naturopathy, the extracts of Ginkgo biloba used for prophylaxis of the and treatment of thrombosis, atherosclerosis and several diseases of the nervous system.

Garlic is a well known medicinal plant, which is rich as sulfur-containing compounds. These herbal ingredients have already been used in ancient Egypt to treat inflammation. Proven lowers garlic cholesterol content in the blood, making it a natural remedy for such dangers as stroke, thrombosis or heart attack.

The fish oil, rich in essential omega-3 fatty acid, can be used prophylactically against high blood pressure, also strengthens the immune system and this preparation increases the overall vitality.