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Of heavy metals according to Dr. Klinghardt and Prof. Dr. Yoshiaki Omura.

In our Onlinshop you will find products and information of heavy metals.

Klinghardt Ausleitung

Products of heavy metals

You have a choice between the compiled packages or individual products to of heavy metals.

The world-famous of heavy metals by the method of Dr. Klinghardt and Research Serge bite of Prof. Dr. Yoshiaki Omura

Whether (etc. fish or seafood) by pollutants in the air, by chemical residues in soils contaminated by treated food products cosmetics and dental metals. Every day we are exposed to all the diverse environmental impacts. Many people wonder how they can address this exposure to environmental pollutants to regain the full power and a full well-being.

Dr. Klinghardt gave an answer to this question.

The Klinghardt method of heavy metals from environmental pollutants.

This method of heavy metals based on the forces of ramson, cilantro and chlorella algae. Many scientific studies from the United States confirm the success of this method of heavy metals. the three drugs used in the Klinghardt method should be available to accompany the application.

According to studies help wild garlic, cilantro and chlorella algae transport the pollutants from the body.

As an alternative to naturopathic method of heavy metals, there is also the orthodox medical method of heavy metals. Chelation therapy with EDTA or DMPS which in some cases is essential.

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