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The heavy metal pollution in the body

What are the health risks arising from the loads with heavy metals or mercury, particularly from amalgam fillings?

There are now a variety, scientifically proven, evidence on the harmfulness of the amalgam. Of particular concern is that the body depots remain with embedded amalgam constituents, although the fillings were long away.

It is recommended that the deposited material in the cells lead out by appropriate methods.

Some sugical and micromanipulative methods for of heavy metals, for example Amalgamausleitung (Quecksilber9 were med as Dr. for this important step of detoxification by renowned doctors, naturopaths and scientists. Klinghardt, Hulda Clark, Dr. Yoshiaki Omura Prof. Dr. med. Joachim mother, Dr. Max explores Daunderer and many more and developed.

For a better understanding of heavy metals of which is a part of the basic regulation, should be called to deal with the matrix also Pischinger space.

Heavy metal pollution

In most species of fish and the so-called seafood in old amalgam fillings or by various environmental impacts of our body is constantly faced with heavy metals.

Heavy metals are usually located in:

  • Cigarette smoke: cadmium and nickel
  • Chocolate: Nickel
  • Drinking water: Copper
  • Fish: mercury
  • Amalgam: silver (approximately 32%), tin (about 13%), copper (about 3%), zinc (1%) are as fine granules (also called "sweepings" called) before. In addition mercury (up to 50%).
  • Breast milk: Mercury ...
  • Vegetables: copper, lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, zinc, characterized environmental influences
  • Meat: About feed in manure fertilized fields
  • Clothing (color): variety of heavy metals and toxins
  • Cosmetics, various drugs and vaccines (thimerosal) of organic mercury Environmental

This is only a small part of a variety of sources which burdened us with pollutants. If our body's own detoxification system permanently burdened with pollutants, this can not completely eliminate the resulting flood of toxins and heavy metals and these superposed in a tissue. The consequence may be severe diseases.

In emerging disease symptoms such as decreasing performance, increasing susceptibility to infections, high blood pressure, joint, Musekl-, and headaches, rashes, or hair loss, this may be an indication of a heavy metal overload.

Your doctor or therapist can, for example, carry out the possible cause with a heavy metal test a mobilization test with Dimaval.

If an excessive burden of heavy metals confirm that conventional medicine and naturopathy are some ways to of heavy metals available. A method of diversion is the traditional medical model with DMPS or other chelating agents, which are called chelation. This variant of detoxification is very aggressive and should only acute intoxication (poisoning) can be used.

A naturopathic variant is the rejection with wild garlic, cilantro and chlorella is a gentle method of of heavy metals. This has been researched and developed by Dr. and Dr. Yoshiaki Omura Klinghardt.

Heavy metals can strain the body enormously and degrade the health enormously. Especially by mercury contained in dental amalgams, health is adversely affected. Even if the old fillings were already removed by the dentist, the heavy metals are still present in the body and strain on the body.

Scientific evidence shows that the removal of amalgam fillings is not helping to remove toxic mercury and other heavy metals from the body immediately and so a higher wellbeing and wholesomeness restore. There are quite useful methods of heavy metals, which the body can Werdern freed from the stressful, stored in the body's depots heavy metals. Renowned doctors and scientists were involved in the product development of heavy metals and Amalgamausleitung from the body and give people the opportunity to lead a life without onerous deposits in the body and to increase well-being. To understand the effect of heavy metals and the to get more knowledge about the benefits and the effect of the matrix, also called Pischinger space should be known. Through numerous healthy and important in the diet foods, the body is contaminated with heavy metals. Especially seafood contain a lot of heavy metals. But even in cigarette smoke, in chocolate, in vegetables and meat, and even in drinking water, heavy metals are included. This is not just about mercury, but also to nickel, chromium, lead, copper, cadmium and zinc. At a high contamination with heavy metals denied the body's defense and it may result in serious diseases as a result. An utter renunciation of heavy metals, as is showing on the basis of loaded food is impossible. Symptoms of heavy metal contamination can be versatile and be in hair loss, reduced performance, but also high blood pressure and an increased susceptibility to infections.

In conventional medicine and naturopathy, there are different, very effective and free of side effects possibilities for Schwermetalausleitung and restore the body's defenses. The well-being will increase appreciably, the stored heavy metals are passed out of the body and no longer burden the organism. Learn interesting facts for of heavy metals and provides information about effective methods to do so.

At a high contamination with heavy metals, the Recovery is the only way to once again become active and improve their own health.
Without an inventory of heavy metals from the symptoms remain and not only pollute the body and health, but affect due to the exposed facts, the quality of life and performance. The of heavy metals from the body is often possible in a natural way and without chemical ingredients in the aids. After a of heavy metals the body recovers very quickly. To test his own load, it is advisable to choose an investigation into the heavy metal pollution.