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Hormonal Man and Woman
Natural remedies for more vitality
Years pass and leave their mark on the body. There are some externals, partly it comes to internal changes. Our hormonal balance comes with age often out of balance, which can be recognized by mood swings, sweating, but also to impotence and apathy. Menopause, the scientific name menopause are seen with both the woman as well as man. Natural, pure herbal supplements Herba Sale help possible symptom-free to get through this not simple time.
What happens during menopause ?
Menopause (Air Terium) a woman bring significant changes. Last but not least, they are related to the fact that the female hormones estrogen and progesterone are released in ever smaller quantities. For example, since estrogen is responsible for the heat regulation in the body, it is because of its low concentration to uncomfortable hot flashes and night sweats. Mood swings and lack of appetite are other accompanying symptoms during menopause. Menopause manifests itself in more than 70 percent of women with various unpleasant symptoms. Also the hormonal balance of a man changes from the age of 45, there are produced substantially fewer hormones, which in addition to the night sweats and generalized nervousness may even lead to a complete loss of libido.
Call old healing art to help
During menopause you are herbal supplements Herba Sale aside. Without chemical additives and ohny synthetics. Pure nature only just time-tested herbs.
Especially on South American continent is known Maca (Lepidium meyenii), a relative of the domestic garden cress, as an aphrodisiac. Proven increases Maca male potency and increases fertility. Maca that grows in Anda Mountains in the altitude of 4,000 meters, is not only a natural sexual enhancer that gives way in sub Schiedd to Viagra no side effects. Maca is also rich in nutrients, Omega -3 fatty acids and amino acids. The Maca raises testosterone levels, what the people inspires more life energy.
The yam root is another herbal remedy that is often used in natural medicine against menopause symptoms. Yams is a tuber and mainly in tropical countries at home. The root is rich in trace elements, proteins and carbohydrates. Even more vitamins of the B group and vitamin C contained in this miracle tuber. For treatment in menopause the substance diosgenin is crucial, which acts similarly in the body a hormone. Diosgenin also supports the distribution of hormone dehydroepiandrosterone, which in turn promotes the synthesis of testosterone and estrogen. Thus, the intake of yams preparations on hormonal activity has a positive effect.
Finally, red clover is playing an increasingly important role in combating negative phenomena in the climacteric. This simple plant, found in Central Europe everywhere, is rich in nutrients and is considered an important source of Phytöstrogenen- an important regulator not only for the female, but also for the male hormone balance.