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Aluminium load

Aluminium - pervasive and unfortunately questionable

The aluminum (Al element symbol, atomic number 13) is a silvery lightweight metal and the third most abundant element in the earth's crust. Even more common sid to meet only oxygen and silicon.
Aluminum or aluminum is thus omnipresent.
But how true this metal as a concern? People have because not long ago adapted to the presence of this element?

Aluminium enters the "biological cycle"

In the Earth's crust is aluminum primarily not in its pure form, but as an aluminum silicate. These stable compounds are healthy neutral in every respect. But humanity needs Alu: electronics and aerospace, electrical engineering and optics, as well as the chemical industry - there is hardly an industry that is not greedy for aluminum. Light, flexible, resistant - without aluminum are numerous industrial products unthinkable. Therefore, aluminum is produced in a complex process from the bauxite ore and enters the "cycle of life".

We take aluminium, without even knowing it

Even before his birth, the fetus takes on aluminum and not only through the umbilical cord, but also with an influenza vaccination of pregnant women. Although vaccinations are a necessary and sensible measure, but with any vaccination of a newborn gets little man a further portion of aluminum to. So it goes for a lifetime, because aluminum is both in natural Lebensmittlen, and it is often added to these.
Unfortunately, many cosmetics and especially deodorants and creams contain a very small amount of non aluminum salts.

Problems in aluminum Recovery

It is scientifically proven that when aluminum is ingested with food, the metal can be largely eliminated by the body itself. However, even in this regard, the capacity of the human body are limited. Passes through alumniumbelastete food too much metal in the body, this is overwhelmed and can not cope with the aluminum diversion from its own resources. If aluminum is not my food, but in other ways the body is supplied, then barely manages the natural aluminum excretion. By itself it can not do the organism dredge Alu. Thus, the aluminum, which enters with the vaccine or deodorant in the body, stored in muscle or connective tissue. Even in the brain form the permanent deposits.

Toxic effect

While the aluminum compounds thus apply in the earth's crust as a non-toxic and as safe, it is with the pure aluminum differently. There is increasing evidence that the metal is toxic to the human body. The European Food Safety Authority recommends no more than 1 milligram per kilogram of body weight Alu record weekly. These recommendations concern only the access to the food. On other routes aluminum may prefer not enter the body! Aluminum is suspected of causing the protein deposits in the brain cells, leading to the death of nerve cells. Thus, this metal would be responsible for the development of Alzheimer's disease. Furthermore, the direct relation of the use of salts through the aluminum enriched deodorants with breast cancer was detected. These are just two examples of the toxic effect of aluminium. The element is however associated with many other life-threatening diseases, including with anemia, osteoporosis, Crohn's disease or asthma.