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Aluminum Detoxification

Aluminium Recovery urgent

As already mentioned, the aluminum rejection by the body's own forces is limited. The body desperately needs a support and this can be done in several ways.

Silicon - reliable assistant in the aluminum Recovery

The second most abundant element on earth, namely silicon, can help in the aluminum excretion. Silicon can bind the aluminum and thus neutralize and exit. Moreover, this element can prevent even the aluminum deposits in the body! But silicon can do much more: It ensures the health of skin and hair, helps to optimize the liver function in and even helps to strengthen the bones. Now is silicon, this natural antidote Alu, only sparsely present in the food. While containing the mineral water of this microelement, also millet or barley can be used as natural sources of silicon, but all in all the body gets from food far too little silicon. In addition, just highly bred millet or barley varieties hardly contain silicon because their roots do not grow deep enough. It follows one thing: People are also high-quality nutritional supplements instructed to selectively supply the body with silicon and other vital minerals.

Aluminium Recovery: More options

In addition to the silicon and magnesium is a probtes agent for aluminum excretion. This element is indeed in the diet - especially in green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts - contain, but on the menu of most people are these foods have little or only in a unreichenden dimensions. The result is chronic magnesium deficiency and aluminum deposits in the body. Therefore is also recommended to rely on dietary supplements. Zinc and selenium in combination with vitamin E also serve the aluminum excretion and must be taken daily. Zinc supply on the one animal foods such as meat or cheese and other nuts. A good source of selenium are Brazil nuts, vitamin E - hazelnuts, and vegetable oils. Use of folic acid also manages the aluminum excretion, this acid is included among others in whole grain products and eggs from the organic farming. The microalgae Chlorella is known for its detoxifying effect, solves also metals from the tissue and also supports the aluminum of the pipe. Wild garlic also helps the toxins to mobilize so that they can be discharged quickly.

What's left to do?

To support the aluminum rejection, further measures are meaningful. Primarily the intestinal function is to be normal, because in particular in risk of clogging of the toxic substances from the colon to get into the organism. Colon Cleansing cures are therefore essential for the effective aluminum excretion. The healthy intestinal flora is an important prerequisite for the success of aluminum excretion. Furthermore, the cleaning and strengthening of liver and kidneys is essential. The liver and kidneys are responsible for the removal of toxins and poisons from the body, and only when these organs are working properly, the aluminum can succeed Recovery. Tip: drink enough and always pay attention to the intake of fluids is a must. It is understandably important to avoid sugary and enriched with chemical additives drinks.

Scientific information on the excretion of aluminum

It is scientifically known that silica (silicon dioxide ...) reduces the rate of absorption of aluminum in the intestines and improves renal excretion.

Christopher Exley, professor of bioinorganic chemistry at Keele University in Staffordshire has been found that silicon in the layer of aluminum or aluminum compounds can pass from the body more quickly, because an increased intake of silicon showed a higher excretion of aluminum in the urine.

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